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Brand & Company Introduction

We are on a mission to expand the Konig brand.

We are at the stage where our experience, manufacturing capabilities, and client experience can catapult Konig into becoming one of the biggest names in the fashion industry.

See what some of our clients say about us

"This is a tremendous, diverse clothier and haberdashery for men of all walks. Suits off the rack, high quality shoes, and every accessory a gentleman could want... I did purchase a very high-quality stitched doctors bag. They delivered it straight to my hotel room so I didn’t even have to walk back - what great service! Only the finest from this store! Pay them a visit when you are in Geneva. 💪"

Client Review

"Airline lost my bag before a conference. Gentlemen at the store got my outfitted in great fitting, high quality clothing. Rushed to get the pants tailored and had it delivered to my room. A+ service."

Client Review

"Great welcome from Mr. Konig in this store! I discovered this place by chance after reading the positive reviews on Google and I was not disappointed. Large selection of very good quality men's clothing. The advice was excellent. I was looking for a casual outfit to reuse for family events or casual weekend outings. I found pants, shoes and a t-shirt that perfectly suited my taste. I highly recommend !"

Client Review

About us

Konig Genève is a Swiss brand specializing in high-quality men's fashion at competitive prices. Our collections of ready-to-wear men's clothing, shoes, and leather accessories are limited collections. The Konig store is a showcase for all the latest global trends. Our 300 m2 boutique is located in the center of Geneva, next to the Richemond and Beau-Rivage hotels. We offer a personal shopping experience that is out of the ordinary.


Konig Group S.A. the company and Konig the brand are owned & operated by the Konig family. We are a Swiss family business. The brand is based in Geneva and specializes in Men’s luxury fashion including clothing, shoes, leather jackets, and accessories as well as women’s leather bags and much more.


The Konig brand’s goal is to create original, out-of-the-ordinary, and unique new models & designs at a competitive price range without compromising on quality or service.


The brand’s roots date back to 1897 when its focus was on crafting and designing leather travel bags and suitcases for businessmen. Since then, we have continued this tradition as well as expanded upon it.

Products & Clientele

We make it possible for our clients to piece together an entire outfit within minutes. It is the main reason why many customers return and recommend us to their family and friends. They find great items, service and reasonable prices when buying Konig.


At our store in Geneva, we clothe many royal family members, presidents, ambassadors, diplomats, doctors, scientists, athletes and many other fashion enthusiasts.


Our customers have the means to purchase other luxury brands, yet they choose to return again and again to our store for our style and design choice, service and pricing. Our customers feel at home when visiting and we would like to keep this atmosphere at any future Konig store.


Furthermore, our clients benefit from a personalized shopping experience and limited-edition collection which means that the chances of them seeing another person wearing the same item are slim to none. In addition, most of our clients signup to the Konig newsletter e-mail list which allows them to be notified when new collections arrive to our store and purchase their favorite items before anyone else.


The brand’s focus is combining the usage of best materials and unique designs together with great sizing and presentation and packaging into a quality product meant to last, convince and earn the trust of our customers. We value returning business greatly as it is a focus in each decision made from the designing to the production of our products.


We specialize in ready-to-wear items however also provide customization. For example, belts can be adjusted to the size of the costumers in minutes which in return helps us avoid losing sales and eliminate the need for high stock levels. In addition, we offer personal orders of tailor-made items such as suits, leather coats and jackets.

How to contact us

Interested to learn more and would like to work together towards our goal of expanding the Konig brand ? Please contact us with information about yourself by clicking here.

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