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Our Story

The Konig Group S.A. Company and Konig brand are owned & operated by the Konig family, a swiss family business.


The brand is based in Geneva and specializes in Men’s luxury fashion including clothing, shoes, wathces, leather jackets and other accessories as well as women’s leather bags and much more.


The Konig brand’s goal is to offer a one-stop location for high-quality fashion enthusists by manufacturing and selling original, out of the ordinary, and unique new models and designs without compromise.


The brand’s roots date back to 1897 where its focus was on crafting and designing leather travel bags and suit cases for business men. Since then, we have continued this tradition as well as expanded upon it.


In 2010 a large Konig store opened its doors in Switzerland next to the most luxurious hotels in Geneva.

There, we showcase one of the world’s most diverse fashion collections and offer a personalized shopping experience, aimed at clients looking for out of the ordinary quality products. 

Fashion designer Didier Konig, raised in Paris, developed an interest in fashion in his early years. In 1976 he accepted an executive position at the French designer’s Yves Saint Laurent boutique located in Madison Avenue, New York City. Later on, after accepting a promotion in 1981, he organized the opening of many new YSL boutiques in the USA, as well as managed the store's collections.


These days he is creating his own unique collections and further developing the Konig brand with new designs and models. Didier is well known for his use of materials in unexpected contexts & combinations to create practical and elegant fashion items for men which came to be a defining characteristic of his style. Didier has established a new standard of understated elegance.

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